Ancient Peru's ritual beer binges

Archaeologists from the United States have uncovered an ancient brewery in the mountains of southern Peru....The brewery, some 2,440m up in the Peruvian Andes, could produce as much as 1,000 litres of the drink a day.

Such quantities were needed to fuel alcohol-based gatherings organised by the elite of the Wari empire which took place in purpose-built drinking halls.

Each Wari noble would have consumed up to 10 litres of "chicha" per ceremony. (BBC)

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Galway Pub Allows Smoking Despite Ban

A lone Galway pub has thrown down the gauntlet to the Irish government over its 3-month-old ban on workplace smoking -- by inviting customers to rebel and light up.
``We're taking a stand,'' declared Ciaran Levanzin, co-owner of the Fibber Magee's pub in the central Eyre Square of Galway, where ashtrays returned to tables Tuesday and customers were encouraged to puff away.

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Genes linked to high-risk personalities

Genes linked to high-risk personalities---People who smoke, take street drugs or become heavy drinkers may be genetically predisposed to their habits, suggest the results of a large new study.
By combining 46 previous studies, scientists have definitively linked two genes to personality traits thought to make people more likely to take up risky lifestyles.
The analysis of the data from over 20,000 people linked a particular version of a gene for the transport of the neurotransmitter serotonin - 5HTT-LPR - to having a more anxious, neurotic personality.
And a version of the gene for a receptor of the neurotransmitter dopamine - the D4 receptor - was associated with having a more outgoing personality. It is well-established that both these personality traits are more likely to lead to substance misuse.

(New Scientist)

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Pill that claims to prevent hangovers

Pill that claims to prevent hangovers---The supplement is said to have been developed at the Russian Academy of Sciences. The KGB wanted a drug that would allow its agents to drink opponents under the table without getting drunk themselves. (Guardian)

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'The ale's cheap and you can get wasted'

Claire, a 23-year-old bar worker, has just bought four bottles of beer for herself and a friend, taking advantage of another offer. She says the responsible drinking message does sometimes get through. "If you're out for a couple of drinks with your mates, it might make you think," she says. "But if you're on a bender, it won't make any difference." (Guardian)

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Intoxicated Man Seeks Job With Police

Intoxicated Man Seeks Job With Police---Robert Gulley, an unemployed radio technician, was ticketed for alleged drunken driving as he drove away from the patrol office in this city near Vancouver. He had asked for a job application. (AP)

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